Online auctions that keep
your supporters interested!

Online Auctions

These can run for hours, days or even weeks to support any fundraising venture. It can run alongside one of your events or be completely stand alone.

The auction can be run in a few different ways:

Silent Auction

This is where you make a bid which is hidden from all other bidders and if you are the highest bidder when the auction closes then you win the item. All bids need to be above the minimum bid to be accepted.

This can work either online only or at a live event where the guests can see the lots available, or you can combine the two to increase the possible coverage for your good cause.

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Online Bidding

This is more like a traditional auction where all bidders can see the progress of the bids so you can be bidding interactively against other people. You can even set a maximum bid too and we will bid up to that figure for you.

How does it work? You have three options:


Your own bespoke auction

If you have your own items that nave been donated, gifted or even purchased, then all of these can be added to make up your own bespoke auction. You will need to supply a landscape photo (or more) showing the item, a brief description and any reserve you'd like to set and our auction team will then create your own auction.


Using items supplied by

Lots of charities and good causes simply don't have the items donated to them to be able to run an auction. This is where can help by providing all the items for an auction with all the profit coming to your good cause.

We have a huge collection of memorabilia, experiences and event tickets available to make up a really attractive auction. We will discuss with you the likely audience that you have in mind and then we are able to tailor the auction to hit the spot as far as your event is concerned.


A mix and match

The final solution is to use both the above methods and have a mix of your own items as well as those that can be provided by


The costs - No hidden fees!

No upfront cost so it's completely risk free.

For any items you supply we will agree a small fee based on the estimated value and number of items. We would need to pass on a 2% fee to cover any payments made by PayPal or card, however, payments made direct to the bank account will be fee free. We always encourage winning bidders to pay via bank transfer so you receive maximum funds. All funds received are paid direct into our dedicated 'Client's Account' so your money is safe.

Within 2 working days of the auction ending, we will supply you with a full breakdown of what has been sold and a total of monies raised for your good cause. This money will be transferred direct to your chosen bank account within 24 hours of all payments being received and collated.

Live auctions

One thing is certain, a top-quality auctioneer can boost fundraising by a huge amount and at we have one of the very best in Rob York. Rob is the auctioneer of choice for many charities already as well as a huge range of corporates of all sizes across the UK, Europe and the World. His involvement makes a difference. If you have an event where you plan a live auction, then Rob can be booked to come along and add his expertise on the day as well as providing his many years of experience in making sure the lots you have fit what you are trying to achieve.

These auctions can be run in person or as a virtual online event if you want something a little different.

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