Event Management to
support you and your event

Event Management

If you have ever tried to run your own event you know it can be a thankless task. At Bid4Lots.com we have a top-quality event management team which you can use to support what you are doing. From a light touch on the tiller to organising absolutely everything, you can discuss your requirements with us and we'll come up with a package that works for you.

The Costs

Our fees start at £250 from a light touch and increase the more you need us to do but a well run event can cover these fees easily and think of the time and stress it can save you. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a package that works for you.

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Speaker Bookings

Ever wondered how special it would be to have a guest at your event to provide that extra bit of gravitas, present your awards or give a fun or inspiring keynote speech? Bid4Lots.com has a huge directory of top names from the world of sport, entertainment and business that we can supply to your event.

In addition, we can supply top quality hosts and MCs to give the final touch to your event leaving you to look after your guests and enjoy the event after all the hard work you have put in.

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